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Cognition is the process of acquiring knowledge through perception, attention, association, memory, reasoning, judgment, imagination, thought, and language.
On the other hand, language can refer both to the specifically human capacity for acquisition and use of complex communication systems, and to a specific instance of a complex communication system.
The relation between both lies in the fact demonstrated in several studies that: the subject needs the language to develop, needs the knowledge (cognition to learn) to express itself, and the expression of this knowledge is given through language. There is an interdependence between cognition and language.


Silvia Maria Gomes Caldeira


PhD: Cognitive Science and Language (Universitat de Barcelona)

Affiliation: Universidade Federal da Bahia - UFBA

Master: Philosophy and History of Sciences; Computacional modeling - (UFBA)

Areas of Expertise: Cognitive science and language; Discourse analysis; Interdisciplinary research metodology

José Garcia Vivas Miranda


Post Doctorate: Training and Rehabilitation (Harvard University)


Affiliation: Universidade Federal da Bahia - UFBA

PhD: Environmental Sciences (Universidad de La Coruña)

Areas of Expertise : Fractals; Complex Networks; Computational Models;

Neuroscience and Biomechanics.

CV Lattes
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